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15Pro Max vs S24 Ultra!

Specs First :

Who wins in which area?

Display: It's a close call. But the S24 Ultra takes the Lead with its More Vivid, Anti Reflective Display Technology

Processor: Apple processors consistently outperform the competition. But in day-to-day average usage, the S24 Ultra is an equally capable phone, you wont see or feel any difference

Storage: Both offer ample storage options, but the S24 Ultra starts with a higher base storage of 256GB. This comes as a more affordable option compared to the Pro Max.

Camera : The S24 Ultra has a higher megapixel main sensor and an additional telephoto lens with more zoom capability, which gives you the power and freedom to do more with the camera. We loved it.

Battery: The S24 Ultra comes with a bigger battery and better fast charging technology. Still, the Pro Max battery is quite good.

Software : iPhones are known for their software experience, but that doesn't mean Samsung's One UI is bad. We prefer Samsung One UI over Apple iOS because it offers way more features and more customization options, while providing an equal level of software stability. Both Apple and Samsung provide software updates for up to 7 years.

If raw processing power and a smooth iOS experience are most important, the iPhone 15 Pro Max might be the way to go.

If you prioritize More Features, Freedom, high-refresh-rate display, more camera versatility, faster charging, and a longer battery life, the S24 Ultra could be a better choice.

Better Value for Money?
:- The S24 Ultra


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