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Pixel 8? is it Better? or is it Worse?

Specs :

*Display : 6.2-inch OLED, 120Hz refresh rate, Full HD+ resolution (1080p)

*Processor : Google Tensor G3 chipset

*RAM : 8GB

*Storage : 128GB or 256GB

*Rear Cameras : 50MP main sensor, 12MP ultra-wide sensor

*Front Camera : 10.2MP

*Battery : 3450mAh

*Software : Android 13 (upgradeable to Android 14)

What's New :

*Brighter Display : The Pixel 8 boasts a significant improvement in display brightness, reaching 2,000 nits peak brightness. This makes it easier to see the screen outdoors on sunny days.

*Compact Design : A smaller 6.2-inch display makes the Pixel 8 more comfortable to hold and use in one hand.

*Improved Cameras : Google has refined the camera system with a new ultrawide sensor and software features like "Best Shot" which automatically picks the sharpest image and "Magic Eraser" for removing unwanted objects from photos.

*Tensor G3 Chip : The new Tensor G3 chip promises better performance and efficiency over the previous generation, though benchmarks haven't shown a massive leap.

History of Pixel and Bugs

I used the Pixel 7 as my primary device when it was launched. To be honest, the bugs were the only reason I started disliking that phone. Let's see what Pixel 8 users are complaining about.

*Slower Fingerprint Sensor : Some users have reported that the in-display fingerprint sensor is slower than on previous Pixel models.

*Battery Drain : While generally good, there have been reports of occasional battery drain issues, hopefully addressed in future software updates.

*Heating : The phone can get warm during extended gaming or video editing sessions.

Overall, the Pixel 8 is a good phone with a great camera, a beautiful display, and Google's clean But Buggy Android software. However, software bugs and a slightly slower fingerprint sensor mean it's not quite perfect. If you value a compact design and excellent camera capabilities, the Pixel 8 is a strong contender. But if fingerprint speed and scorching hot phones are a concern, you might want to consider other options.


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