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Spotify vs Apple Music vs Youtube Music, Which is Better Deal?

Here's a comparison of Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube Music in India, including their prices as of April 4, 2024

Library :

Spotify: Large library, strong focus on popular music.

Apple Music: Large library, good selection of Indian music.

YouTube Music: Largest library, includes music videos, remixes, live performances.

Sound Quality


Music Quality :

Spotify: High-quality streaming (320 kbps) with premium subscription.

Apple Music: High-quality streaming (256 kbps) and Lossless Audio with premium subscription.

YouTube Music: High-quality streaming (256 kbps) with premium subscription.


Special Features

Spotify: Excellent social features (sharing playlists, following friends), strong music discovery (personalized recommendations).

Apple Music: Integration with Apple ecosystem (Siri voice control), curated playlists by music experts.

YouTube Music: Integration with YouTube (watch music videos), upload your own music library.


YouTube Music is the best out of the three. It has a larger music collection, and you get YouTube Premium included with it. That means no more ads on videos!


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