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Android 15, What's New?

Android 15 is still under development, but based on the Developer Preview releases so far, here are some of the new features and improvements you can expect:

User Interface and Functionality:

*Partial screen sharing : Share only specific apps or windows on your screen instead of your entire display.

*Improved foldables support : Apps will have a standardized way to adapt to the cover screens of foldable phones.

*New volume control panel : A redesigned volume control panel for easier access to different sound options.

*Popup Bluetooth dialog : A new popup dialog will appear when you want to pair a new Bluetooth device.

Privacy and Security :

*Notification cooldown : Put a pause on notifications from an app for a set amount of time.

*Sensitive notifications : Hide content from sensitive notifications on your lock screen.

Camera :

*New in-app camera controls : Developers will have access to new APIs for more manual camera controls, allowing you to adjust things like brightness, flash, and low-light enhancements.

*High-Quality Webcam mode : Improved video call quality with a new high-resolution webcam mode.

Connectivity :

*Satellite connectivity : Support for connecting to satellites for internet access in remote areas.

Other Features :

*Universal toggle for keyboard vibration control : A system-wide setting to enable or disable vibration on your keyboard.

*Health Connect : A new platform for sharing health and fitness data between different apps.

*Auracast focus : Share audio with nearby devices using Bluetooth LE Audio.

The final release of Android 15 could include even more changes. You can also expect that different phone manufacturers will add their own customizations on top of the base Android 15 update.

Release Date : Around May 2024


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