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Spotify coming with Ai Powered Playlists!

Two Ai Features Soon to be Implemented...

Recommendation magic:  Imagine a super friend who knows your music taste really well. Spotify AI is kind of like that. It keeps track of the music you listen to, the playlists you make, and even how long you listen to certain songs. Using this information, it recommends new music, podcasts, and playlists that you might enjoy. These recommendations show up in places like your Spotify Home screen.

Ai DJ:  This feature is like having your own personal DJ on Spotify. You can give it instructions with text prompts, like "play upbeat music for a workout" or "surprise me with something new." The AI DJ will then create a playlist based on your instructions and your music taste. You can even fine-tune the playlist afterwards by telling it things like "more pop" or "less rock."

First Coming to UK and Australia, Both Android and IOS.


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